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Trailer I made for the Hamburg Short Film Festival 2017 Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2017 Trailer from KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg on


A videoseries, losely based on 'Die Leiden des jungen Werther's'by Goethe in 52 episodes, shot in Bremen, Germany. New episode every thursday. created with support of Filmbuero-Bremen - and the Mondriaan Fonds. - [.....]


Experience the Life of an ambitious alcoholic first hand. Preptalk from the gutter. The Alter Senator ( Bremen's first Korn, Jenever ) has a tight grip on your life. Hand in hand you stagger from one adventure into the next. Each exciting, exhausting and eventually painfully numb. You are an optimist, see the bright side of things. Especially when drunk. But drunk makes clumsy and before you know it you have touched the [.....]


Welcome to german cashflow. Easy access to certain amounts of money, for anyone. Here in germany the cashflow is steady and good. we contribute to world class marketing scemes on a daily basis by generating cash and letting it flow. The 18 rules of power, dominance and success have been laid out in full in the start up phase of this enterprise. We strive for brilliance and encourage you to come [.....]


SINGER FIGHTER WALROSS from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. supported


Teddy Milks is a motorbike rider with little to no talent. His claim to fame is the odd circumstance that he sweats milk. Teddy 'the milkman' Milks. He does his best to ignore this fact and to keep the myth of a motorbike champion alive. Together with his trainer Kent he set up camp. Away from the buzz around his person, in the outskirts of town. where industry fades into nature. They living the dream and trying to avoid [.....]


#12020320 THE BIRDHOUSE THEORY from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. According to common believe humanity got expelled from paradise upon biting the apple of wisdom and gaining knowledge of shame, good and bad. Animals remained untouched, humans alienated themselves into the world as we know it today. 'The Birdhouse Theory' attempts to better the human animal relationship and thus laying the first stones of the long rocky [.....]

Bottoms up.

BOTTOMS UP from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. A motivational videopiece. 2015 supported


ELEFANTOS from willehad eilers on Vimeo. A documentary on a fictional character. Around ten hours of material were shot in two days traveling by car with elefantos. In the editing room a story came together constructed of different fragments arranged more or less at random. It is impossible not to tell a story by showing scenes of a life. Elefantos has a car, a good friend, a caring father and a hostage. [.....]

In the hole

IN THE HOLE from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. A video about saying 'no'. How not every wish is going to be fullfilled. How sometimes rules are made to be stuck to instead of being broken. About realising ones position in life and about many more things. Shot in Bremen germany 2015. HD 1920x1080 Here a short german review written by Youtube user Churl Royalwagen: "Die dargestellte szene ist auch ganz klar eine parabel [.....]


An online quizformat. Practice without sound, then recheck with the sound on. How many times did you bet right!? How many times were you wrong? supported


Wir sind aus Antworten gebaut und kämpfen uns durch einen reissenden Fluss aus Fragen. Wie die Haare eines Urmenschen, eines Mooren, werden Wir nicht nass, werden unsere Antworten nicht durch die Fragen beeinflusst. Nein: die Frage wird zur Antwort. Wir verstehen uns, Wir sehen weiter. Das Fehrnglass des Erfolgs. German Cash Coach, an internet coaching project by Soenke Busch and Willehad Eilers. The remote control to [.....]


THE VALUE OF YOU / DU BIST EIN MUSS Only you are you and you are a must. You are a must have, a clear GO. You live in paradise, but without looking down on those who are not. You are fair, fair and noble. A noble and fair person. This highly motivational video work is part of the bigger series 'GERMAN CASHFLOW' and can be regarded as an outcome of my research project 'THE PLAN'. Motivation is the new [.....]


Das Walross. When i was asked to help a friend of mine, and producer of my film 'elefantboy', out on a furry porn shoot i agreed under one condition. The condition being to have a walruss character in the cast. My wish was granted and so the walruss suit was created. A few weeks later the shoot took place in a schoolgym in the west of amsterdam. During the lunchbreak of the shooting i asked the walross actress to [.....]


Every ten years a series of videos featuring a white suit is being produced. 2013 whitesuit usedparts from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. whitesuit montebianco from Wayne Horse on

ANN LEE / hail internet hail ANNLEE / HAIL INTERNET HAIL -Produced as a commission to the NIMK this movie is a continuation of the project "no ghost just a shell" by pierre huyghe & philippe parreno. Ann Lee the freed and later buried manga character can finally lay her head to rest, as internet nowadays supplies us with a sheer endless supply of shells to do with as we please. This video demonstrates the [.....]


#12061962 the unharmonious dome from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. #12061962 the unharmonious dome. In an attempt to rid their subway stations and parking garages of homeless people and junkies, many big cities introduced the idea of continuously playing classical music in these places. The theory being that the harmony of the classic pieces would mismatch with the unharmonious way of life of the homeless and drug sick, and [.....]

DIE ORGIE Die Orgie Shot as a celebration of the last day of shooting of my film 'the illmannered milkman'. Everyone who took part in the filming dressed up and joined in on this moment of rolling on the ground and smearing each other with milk/yogurt. The footage was too beautiful to exist solely within the movie. It is rare for me, but i do like this clip because of its aesthetics.Like a moving [.....]


#12020220 fat chance from Wayne Horse on


<iframe src="//" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">#12021910 a great price</a> from <a href="">Wayne Horse</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p> Die Verleihung des [.....]

FLYING CARS FLYING CARS Now that humanity has reached the eternal future dream of the flying car, we can enjoy these for the rest of our time on earth. Our hunger for renewal and innovation has finally been satisfied and replaced by joy of what we have. 2007


A 13 minute movie about digging holes, sparing time and a black elefant boy growing up. elefantboy from Wayne Horse on


#13021220 BAMBI from Wayne Horse on Vimeo. Drawing Bambi with your eyes closed. One of my first exercises from the early days that i decided to fight the arrogant line. 50 or so attempts to destroy bambi blindly. videoloop. bambi lasercut blind drawings, plywood on plywood 21 by 21

Wir sind wieder Wer

Video shot in Bremen 2006 during the months past the football worldcup in germany. Germany rediscovered its pride. Newspaper 'Bild' launched a campaign to keep the flags hanging on the streets. Wir sind wieder Wer. WIR SIND WIEDER WER from Wayne Horse on


A youtube graffiti battle in between two persons who have never done graffiti before. The work is completed by the reactions of the internet graffiti scene. SEBENER STREETLAW streetlaw from willehad eilers on Vimeo. STREETLAW // GRAFFITY FIGHT SEBENER // GAME IS MINE SEBENER // GAME IS MINE   installationview at MAMA Rotterdam in

thevalue of you 2