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Das Walross.
When i was asked to help a friend of mine, and producer of my film ‚elefantboy‘, out on a furry porn shoot i agreed under one condition.
The condition being to have a walruss character in the cast.
My wish was granted and so the walruss suit was created. A few weeks later the shoot took place in a schoolgym in the west of amsterdam.
During the lunchbreak of the shooting i asked the walross actress to record the following scene with me:

Watching the recording at home i was not quite sure what to make of it. There it was. It had been shot.
Me and said friend and producer decided to continue the walrosses path. So the walross traveled throughout Amsterdam and its neighboring regions.
WALROSS from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

WALROSS snackbar from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

WALROSS_the pianist from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

walross at the busstop from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

WALROSS-at the barber from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

WALROSS_coffebreak from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

walross at the fishshop from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

„watching this was the best decision I’ve ever made.“ – Deon van Zyl>.

WALROSS / westside till i die from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.

Just when it became all too obvious that we would pay an amateur erotic actress to drive her to the industrial area and film her roll around in a self made suit while watching from behind the camera breathing heavily, german tv called.
They wanted to present the walross to an audience of 2 million germans.

WALROSS TV from Wayne Horse on Vimeo.


It was not possible to get in touch with the original erotic actress for this shoot. Rumours were that she got a new boyfriend who did not completely approve of the walross. The task was to find a new ass in Berlin, and quick.
This search led me to Iron Moses, an italian hobby wrestler and artist living in Berlin. The tv production team was sceptical. Can a voloumnous womans ass be replaced with a skinny italian male’s?
Eventually it was possible to convince them that it would not make the act any less bizarre if the ass was another than commonly known.

Afterwards Oliver pocher, another german tv host claimed to have been the walross. For a few days possible scenarios where played out in the german rainbow press and internet blogs.


This is the story of the walross thus far.

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thevalue of you 2